Providing the best emergency and survival products in NZ

We are Kiwis that live and operate in the Wellington area.

Bunker Box offers a collection of tools, lighting, cooking supplies, first aid, hygiene products, and specialised survival solutions.

We have meticulously crafted a comprehensive, all-in-one home emergency survival system that surpasses any pre-built kit ever created, in terms of size, quality, and effectiveness.

Our Mission

We are passionate about preparing you for the unexpected and providing you with the essential tools and knowledge to survive in any situation. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a seasoned adventurer, or simply looking to be prepared for emergencies, we've got you covered. Our mission is simple, ‘to give New Zealanders the best chance of survival by providing them with the highest quality products to ride out the any disaster'.


Survival Kit or Bug out bag?

Bug out bags / Go-bags only make sense for a narrow set of circumstances. 1. You are forced to leave your home, on foot and, 2. You are physically able to hike to your destination. In most disaster scenarios bunkering down at home is your best option. Your home is your shelter. It is where you stuff is, where you are comfortable and feel safe. You know where there is fresh water nearby, you know your neighbours and your family knows where you are. For this reason it makes the most sense to have supplies on hand to shelter in place for at least a week or two. The Bunker Box has you covered. If you need to ‘bug out’ just chuck the Bunker Box in your boot, grab some warm clothes, water and a tent/bedding and you are sorted. The BunkerBox provides a much more robust solution that equips you and your family with extra suppliers, better gear and he option of a lot more food.

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Blair started and operated a successful business, employing more than 200 people for two decades. He's a passionate outdoors enthusiast skilled in survival, and he spent several years serving in the NZ Army. Blair's now putting all that knowledge and the skills he's picked up over the years into Bunker Box, aiming to make it New Zealand's top survival company.
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